Rest, the journey to becoming a boutique hotel

Where does the time go.  

We are seeing some great progress as things come together all at once as we come closer to the end of 2015.            

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Amador Lodging is about to have new doors open

The details are what’s on the agenda around Rest these days.  From the stucco finish to the rooms being painted to the doors being hung.   We saved some of … Continue reading

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Creating an Amador Style for the newest lodging in wine country

Here are a few treasures we have collected to give Rest that comfortable welcoming feeling.

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After a little hiccup we are back on track with the siding.  Selecting the colors from paint chips the size of your thumbnail was a bit unsettling.  We are happy … Continue reading

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Sheetrock. Is not wearing a toga and listening to rock n roll. 

In construction the element of sheetrock being hung is a half way mark.  We are a bit more than half way and the crew is pushing to keep things on … Continue reading

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Sewing up the walls

our building inspector has had a very busy schedule this summer involving lots fishing trips.  A bit of a delay until Wednesday when we received the approval to close the … Continue reading

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Furniture Progress

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The 3 R’s.

Reduce,Reuse, Recycle. Today began the Reuse of the corrugated metal siding. Ron had this crazy idea to make the exterior hallways using the metal siding as the base and pour … Continue reading

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The skywalk is taking great shape and his name is Luke. Sorry it’s just that way. It’s a very cool feature that adds that WOW factor to Rest. The last … Continue reading

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Big Gophers

Digging in Plymouth is difficult. The ground is shale about 1 inch down. It’s beautiful but not easy to break through. Jack hammers and backhoes work best.

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