Rest, the journey to becoming a boutique hotel

The 3 R’s.

Reduce,Reuse, Recycle. Today began the Reuse of the corrugated metal siding. Ron had this crazy idea to make the exterior hallways using the metal siding as the base and pour … Continue reading

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The skywalk is taking great shape and his name is Luke. Sorry it’s just that way. It’s a very cool feature that adds that WOW factor to Rest. The last … Continue reading

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Big Gophers

Digging in Plymouth is difficult. The ground is shale about 1 inch down. It’s beautiful but not easy to break through. Jack hammers and backhoes work best.

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Treasure found.

This treasure was pulled from underneath building 1, the original movie theater! Many people had asked if we had found anything like this and now we can say yes!!We will … Continue reading

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Plumbing Electrical Fire suppression

Such great people to work with on this project. Our contractor. Ron Regan is always coming up with great ideas, ways to utilize recycled materials and better ways to offer … Continue reading

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Furniture Fixtures and Equipment

Construction is moving along at a good pace. One f the behind the scenes tasks is making sure all the FF&E is ordered for timely delivery. Textiles can often have … Continue reading

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Going Up?

Level 2 on building B is making huge progress this week. It will be a bit before the roof goes on. We must move a power pole with the blessings … Continue reading

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